DPR denies report on revenue collection from 26 oil firms

DPR (The Department of Petroleum Resources), has denied the 2014 Audit Report on Federal Government agencies, by the office of the Auditor-General, which indicted it of financial negligence in the collection of revenues from 26 oil companies operating in Nigeria, The Guardian reports.

The amount DPR reportedly failed to collect on behalf of government was put at $743,648,242.45 million (about N148.7 billion), even after the agency had been directed to do so. The indictment is contained in highlights of the report, which the Auditor-General of the Federation Samuel Ukura, submitted to the National Assembly.

However DPR in a rejoinder claimed that the Auditor-General was wrong in his indictment of the agency, because it even exceeded the revenue target set for it by the Federal Government. DPR Manager, Public Affairs, Paul Osu, said the agency insisted that the report was erroneous, even though the statement was silent on the vexed issue of revenue collection from the affected 26 oil firms.

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